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Process Management

Most of today's networks are client/server solutions, a computational architecture that involves client processes requesting service from server processes. Client/server has proven to be a cost-effective way to share data between tens or hundreds of clients. Usually the client and server are two separate devices on a LAN, but client/server systems work equally well on long-distance WANs - including the Internet.

One area of special concern in client/server networking is system management. With applications distributed across the network, it can be challenging to keep configuration information up-to-date and consistent among all of the devices. Likewise, upgrades to a newer version of a client/server application can be difficult to synchronize or stage appropriately. Finally, client/server systems rely heavily on the network's reliability; redundancy or fail-over features can be expensive to implement.

Client/server is just one approach to distributed computing. The client/server model has been popular for a long time, but recently peer-to-peer networking has re-emerged as a viable alternative. Other approaches like clustering also have benefits in specific situations.

Network Process Management focuses primarily on the applications rather than the underlying network. Even the best installed network is useless without proper process management. Complease can provide you with a reliable and stable process management designed for your network.

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